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Hi!  My name is Sandra Andrade and I go by the nickname Songie.  I am a 3D artist who is passionate about various forms of art.  I like to continuously learn about my craft not only in 3D but 2D forms, and strive to learn the newest techniques.  

I am currently obtaining my MA in Visual Development to fully understand the preproduction pipeline from brainstorming to the final rendition of characters, props, and environments. I have recently received my MA in Game Development from the Academy of Art University, focused on working within game engines. I also have an MFA in Visual Effects and Animation focused on 3D character modeling. This has supplemented my BFA in Media Arts and Animation focused on 3D environment modeling from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. 


I have taken additional course work in Fashion Design to help push my costume design skills in my visual development. 


I love to stream my art process on Twitch and attend various conventions such as CTNX and Lightbox.  I am a versatile artist who is dedicated to improving my skills and joining a team as a hard worker.  

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